Cost-effective automatization concept developed

High efficiency of the packing area is of great importance for profit-making operation of a sand lime bricks plant. The experts of WKB Systems worked out a special automatization concept that was successfully implemented on the production facilities of a large-scale German manufacturer of sand lime products. It is based on the usage of innovative facilities to boost the packing process flow, such as state-of-the-art machinery, robots, manipulators, gripping facilities, etc.

Our solution: Cost-effective automatization concept for a perfectly optimised packing process 

Based on their long-term experience in the automatization and modernisation of sand lime bricks plants the engineers of WKB Systems came up to a decision to use two gripping facilities, one robot and a specially developed moving device for empty hardening trolleys taking into consideration a very compact ground area available.


The operating cycle starts with the feeding of three types of wooden pallets via roller conveyors to the robot with a special gripper. It picks up two interlaced pallets and places one of them on a chain conveyor. Then the robot turns the gripper with another pallet by 180° and places it also on the chain conveyor. Thanks to the robot’s high flexibility it is possible to separate and precisely position wooden pallets of up to 25 kg each on the conveyer in an efficient way.   

On the other side of the packing area the hardening trolleys loaded with sand lime bricks are forwarded to the portal gripping facility. It pushes the bricks together on the trolley to eliminate the spaces between them, takes and places them on two empty pallets prepared on the chain conveyor. So, one load of bricks on one trolley results in two packing units of height 800-1,300 mm and weight 2,200 kg. 

After being strapped and stretched the brick packets are joined to one load and picked up with another portal gripping facility. It brings the load to an empty trolley to put it down. The whole cycle takes 40 seconds per packing unit.  

At the same time in the background, a specially developed moving device places an unloaded hardening trolley on a separate rail for empty trolleys to be loaded later with two brick packets. So, a kind of a hardening trolleys circulation takes place.   

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