Mixing plant

In order to achieve the highest quality of the end product, the raw materials for each mixing process are concurrently weighed in separate weighing containers. The raw material is then fed in a specified sequence to the mixer container. An optimised mixing cycle time is thereby guaranteed. Due to the high speed of our mixer and exact dosing of the raw materials, they are quickly blend to form a homogeneous mass.

The mixing plant control system from WKB Systems is at the cutting edge of technology. With our system you can create and automatically process any recipe.

After the mixing process, the mixture is drained from the mixer into a casting mould. Afterwards, both the mixer and the mixer discharge can be automatically rinsed with water.

Efficiency, sustainability and a conscious use of resources are important aspects of our systems. The rinse water is then collected in a tank below the mould before it is then pumped to the steel tank in the cutting line. There it is mixed with the cutting wastes to form recirculated sludge. This procedure guarantees the highest effectiveness as well as enormous cost savings.