Sand-lime brick presses

At the heart of our sand-lime brick plant: The presses of the WKP series

Presses lie at the heart of each sand-lime brick production plant. In order to guarantee the production of high-quality sand-lime bricks, we have developed presses of the WKP range for our customers.

All presses in this range are hydraulic and are of a special cast-tension rod construction. This stable construction guarantees longevity as well as the highest product quality. Their construction and electric control system are state-of-the-art. The technical design provides our customers with an individual and modern sand-lime brick production. Among other things, our customers can produce both solid and perforated bricks, coloured sand-lime bricks and sand-lime bricks with undergrips. With our presses you get sand-lime bricks with precise dimensions and a uniform brick compressive strength. The latter we achieve through an automatic and precisely tuned filling of the machine. This is important to ensure that at each stroke the pressure is for the most part constant so that a uniform brick compressive strength is achieved.

Because of our special design, our presses are very easy to maintain. The WKP press series stands for longevity, richness in product variety and the highest quality sand-lime bricks.

For even more cost-effectiveness and plant efficiency, we have specially designed this area of the plant: Scattered waste that accumulates in the press area represents valuable and reusable raw material. The waste is therefore returned to the mixer via the spillage return.

Our presses of the WKP series at a glance for you:

WKP 750 – Performance that impresses

The best-known sand-lime brick press from WKB Systems is the WKP 750. Its performance is indeed impressive: Up to 10,000 bricks can be pressed per hour with a maximum force of up to 750 tons. Another advantage is its relatively compact design, which means that it has a small footprint. As such, in the case of plant modernisation, the WKP 750 can be integrated relatively easily into existing plants to replace lower performance machines.

WKP 750 S – for extra large bricks

A variant of the WKP 750 is the sand-lime brick press WKP 750S. This was specially developed for the production of large format sand-lime bricks of the highest quality. Unlike the WKP 750, it is also equipped with a frontal discharging gripper to cope with the larger format. 

WKP 750 DD – Compression from two sides

The hydraulically driven upper and lower punches of the double press WKP 750 DD compress the raw material mass from two different sides. As a result, a very high and uniform strength is achieved over the entire cross-section of the brick. Sand-lime bricks up to a height of 250 mm, small-format facade brickwork and blanks for the cleaving and embossing system can all be produced with high compressive strengths.

WKP 600 – small but powerful

The hydraulic sand-lime brick press WKP 600 is the smallest press in the WKP range. It can manufacture up to 5,720 bricks per hour.

We would be more than happy to customise the presses of the WKP range individually to your needs. Would you like to have certain modifications? Our experts will work with you to develop the right presses for your plant.