Tool changing

Rapid changeover and clean tools mean better quality and productivity

Consistently high product quality and increased productivity can be achieved by automating tool changes and tool cleaning.

Tool changing carts allow a much faster retooling of the presses during format changes, cleaning of the dies or replacement in case of wear. It is possible to change not only individual but also entire tool holders and then process them separately. This significantly reduces down-times and set-up times. Our systems can separate, rotate, clean, retool, and reassemble tool holders of up to 25 tons in weight.

The WKB Systems tool change carts are fixed to their rails and are equipped with their own tool slide-on/slide-off systems. We are also happy to offer you non-rail-fixed solutions. Our tool change carts are always adapted to the press and tool properties and can be operated hydraulically or with an electric motor. A positioning unit is used to ensure a precise tool transfer.

The integrated lifting, turning and separating device either separates or reassembles the upper and lower parts of the forging tools. Here we make it possible to rotate the upper part by 180° and set it down next to the lower part on a roller conveyor of the changing table. The lifting movement is brought about by two synchronously running spindles, while the rotary motion is implemented via an interlocking ball and socket connection. Locking, tool centring and all movements are hydraulically driven.

A precise and thorough tool cleaning is of immense importance for maintaining consistent product quality. The unavoidable use of lubricants causes stubborn soiling of the tools that cannot be removed manually. Such incrustations and adhesions can cause the shape of the tool to be changed, which is in turn reflected in a poorer product quality. Any such risks are moot when the cleaning systems of WKB Systems are employed: Our automated systems can promptly clean and free the tools of all soiling. Our cleaning system provides tool care, shortens the changeover times, and ensures maintenance of product quality all in one.

The system concept of the cleaning system consists of a sealed cabin with a loading door. The tool, when it is positioned within the cabin, is circumnavigated by a mobile nozzle frame during the approximately 15-minute wash cycle. The water used is mixed with special chemicals beforehand. The entire cleaning process is completely programmatically controlled. Within the washing system, the bottom and top parts of the tool are separately cleaned of dirt at a cleaning pressure of approx. 12 bar.

Our cleaning system consists of the following individual components:

  • A mobile tool change cart
  • A lifting, turning and separating device
  • A fully automatic wash cabin, with a hydraulically swivelling and clamping device
  • Spaces for replacement tools kept on standby
  • A rail system with adjusting elements.