Shaping the future

Modernisation made to measure

Do you want to optimise your sand-lime brick production and get yourself clearly ahead of the competition?
Our individual and innovative WKB Systems optimisation and modernisation measures are not only designed cost effectively, they also pay to use in practice. Often many, even small changes are sufficient to achieve a significant increase in productivity and quality. In addition, the improved economic output resulting from a modernisation with our tried-and-tested plants is already clearly noticeable after just a short period of usage.   
In the run-up to a process optimisation or plant modernisation, our experts test and precisely analyse the following areas of your sand-lime brick production:

Raw material preparation and mixing
Sand-lime brick presse
Hardening wagon circulation
Packaging System

The respective test and analysis results form the basis for our optimisation recommendations. This at the same time allows our clients to have a precise overview of the status of their systems and production units. In addition, and on the basis of our recommendations, a tailor-made modernisation concept can be created and implemented according to your desires and needs.
For plant modernisations, WKB Systems offers modular system components for all of the customary production processes. This enables us to replace even individual machine components quickly and effectively.

A special focus is often placed on the presses as the centrepiece of a sand-lime brick production plant. In order to guarantee production of high-quality sand-lime bricks with precise brick dimensions and uniform brick compressive strength, our WKB Systems experts recommend use of the hydraulic sand-lime brick presses of our WKP range.

As one example, the WKP 750 press can be comparatively easily integrated into an existing plant thanks to its compact design. Lower performance machines can therefore be replaced quickly and effectively. A minimal and low-cost effort with maximum results.

Because of the versatility of our WKP presses, nothing now stands in the way of you expanding your product assortment. On our WKP presses you can manufacture e.g. solid and perforated bricks, coloured sand-lime bricks and sand-lime bricks with undergrips.
By replacing just one system, you can benefit in three ways thanks to our proven WKB Systems technology. You can improve your product quality, increase the efficiency of your production, and significantly expand your product portfolio.  
Do you want to take a further step towards the future and position yourself ahead of the competition? Then give us a call so that we can help you build up a competitive edge!