Unloading and packaging

After autoclaving, the autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are hardened to be transported. The high-quality AAC blocks require careful handling and must be protected from damage. Our machines are therefore equipped with highly sensitive and gentle handling technology.

The autoclave palette or the autoclave grate is transferred by the portal system "unloading" using a gripper from the autoclave carriage to a conveyor. Afterwards, the same gripper takes the hardened aerated concrete blocks from the palette or the grate and places them on the tilting device.

The empty palette or grate is transported via the conveyor driven through a cleaning station and then returned to the work cycle using the "loading" portal system.

This process is then repeated. The second group of blocks is then placed on the group of blocks that is already mounted on the tilting device. The tilting device then tilts this double package 90° onto automatically provided wooden pallets. This train of pallets is then transported via chain conveyors from the tilting device and the process begins again.

The complete train of pallets is then separated into individual pallets. The freestanding single packages are then finally fed to the packaging system.

WKB Systems offers you a wide choice between a number of packaging systems. We can individually tailor to your needs and find the most optimal solution for you and your plant.

The packaging system is primarily geared to protecting of the finished quality products during storage and transport to the end customer. WKB Systems offers you both the manual packaging as well as the automatic strapping with a plastic strap. In addition, the use of a stretch hood machine is standard for WKB Systems. This machine pulls a pre-stretch film over the package. Additional machine variants include a shrink hood machine or a foil-wrapping machine.

Together with you we can develop the ideal and individual packing solution for you and your plant. Are you not sure which version is best for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us and let our experts advise you.

Finally the finished package is transported by a forklift to the warehouse, or directly for further transport to the end customer.