Hammer and trimming press automation

One of the German manufacturers in the forging industry with more than 100 years history set a short-term goal to optimise the cost-effectiveness of its production line. The manufacturer is specialised in the production of forging blanks. Up to 4,000 tons of metal are processed here in one year and up to 10 million blanks are produced. 

Our solution: Process automation in the working area of hammer and trimming presses  

While looking for an automation solution for its production line the manufacturer got in touch with WKB experts. In the shortest time the engineers of WKB Systems presented to the customer an extensive solution for the working area of hammer and trimming presses. The project was designed to handle forging blanks of up to 10 kg weight in 8-9 seconds each. 

The process automation starts in the hammer area. A shuttle places the workholding device near to the forging die. The height of the shuttle can be adopted manually in order to make it easier for an operator to handle the items. Furthermore, the shuttle is equipped with a screen, so the workholding device can be positioned in a hammer area during a forging process. Additionally, there are wheels mounted on the shuttle so it can be easily removed from the working area for setting or maintenance purposes. Afterwards the shuttle is positioned on its right place.    

Being placed on the shuttle the forging items are forwarded to a 6-axis industrial robot with special double tongs. The tongs take a forging item on its flash and put it on the trimming press. 

As a next step the robot opens the tongs and a press stroke takes place. The blanks fall through the trimming tool on a product belt to be forwarded into a transport container. The tongs close and forward the flash into a special container. After that the robot moves to the shuttle and waits for a next forging item. At the same time the shuttle is loaded in the hammer press area.   

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