Spare and wear parts

Reliable, affordable and rapid: WKB Systems spare and wear parts supply

WKB Systems offers a rapid and reliable spare and wear parts supply service. We subject all our spare parts to strict quality control so that they meet the highest standards, including international ones. Our experts will help you to identify the spare parts that you require. In doing so, we not only maintain our own systems, since we also maintain third-party systems and machines.

Through our own production, the purchase of large quantities and a targeted warehousing policy we can offer the most competitive rates, a constant availability and timely delivery. Use this advantage to ensure an economic and profitable manufacturing process.

Spare parts enquiries will be treated with the highest priority in our company as quickly as possible, so that you can be offered a guarantee of the best possible production downtimes and a promise to keep them as short and infrequent as possible. Thanks to our extensive export experience for our goods - also in countries outside the EU - we can support our customers and simplify the import process.

The installation of our spare parts can normally be carried out by the customer themselves. However, if you request we can get our trained staff to do this for you.

Apart from our spare parts service we can also offer you consultancy, construction and manufacturing, shipping, installation and commissioning of everything from small systems to entire plants from our own hand.

We see the success of our customers as our mission and we commit ourselves to supporting you in all areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us.