Automated sand lime bricks packaging

A well-known customer from Germany was looking for a solution to make its sand-lime brick production more efficient and more productive. After we sat together and analysed its operations, our experts advised on the modernisation of the packaging area. The process in this section was still completely manual. The complete automation of packaging was both our recommendation and the request of the customer. In addition, the completely automated palletisation of the sand-lime bricks on individually designed packaging units was to be enabled.

Our solution: Automation of sand-lime brick packaging using industrial robots

Our automation specialists in this case relied on the advantages of industrial robots. Due to its flexibility, it not only automated the work processes, since it also optimised in many other ways: Significant increases in speed, quantity and quality combined with measurability, plannability and the highest precision were amongst the most obvious advantages.


In addition, the manipulative flexibility of an industrial robot was another benefit. The design of the gripper allowed the sand-lime bricks and palettes of many different types to be manipulated. The significantly greater dynamics and range of the robot compared to manual operation can also mean that several work steps can be combined. Only then can the 100% flexibility and system efficiency be fully exploited.

One component of this system is the upstream package compressor. In order to reduce the production-related distances between the sand-lime bricks, the bricks are already pushed together on the hardening wagon on both sides by the compressor. This is how the subsequent acceptance of bricks for packaging is prepared and facilitated.

We have resolved the problem of the format-dependent, custom designed shipping packages by programming the robot so that it accepts the bricks according to a stacking plan and then sets them back down on empty palettes. Because with format-dependent packaging a surplus of bricks often occurs, it was nevertheless important for us to ensure a continuous and smooth process. Our process automation is designed in such a way that the surplus bricks are intermittently stored in a storage area. When the format is changed again, the bricks are then fed back into the process. A manual intervention during product changes entailing time delays and quantity reductions is therefore almost completely excluded.

Finally, the palletised shipping packages are fitted with various transport safety and securing features. Vertical and horizontal strapping systems are used, which automatically provide the various packages with strapping bands. As weather protection, a stretch hood is used, providing the package with additional stability.

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