Material forming

Automated preforming, upsetting, twisting and spraying - thanks to state-of-the-art systems, forged items can be formed with the highest quality

Our solutions are equipped with the latest technology. They range from the preforming device, through the press and the crankshaft twister, to the most modern solutions used in spraying technology.

Preforming device to put less strain on the forming machine
The automated preforming device was specially developed by WKB Systems to put less strain on the forming machine: By using the preforming device, the next-in-line forming machine is relieved of strain by a single processing step. In this way the machine is exposed to much less wear and its operation life can be significantly increased. The preformer is a horizontal hydraulic press with interchangeable forming inserts for preforming the warmed blanks.

Upsetting press with the precision required by the automotive industry
Our upsetting press is particularly suitable for the special and high-end demands of the automotive sector. We developed it specifically for the widening of pipe ends. Pipes with the dimensions required here can only be warm formed. Our press therefore upsets the pipe ends in a process using heat treatment.

Using the WKB Systems upsetting press, you have the option of processing your pipe ends both cost-effectively and precisely. In conjunction with the low cycle time and the cycle time spread, it ensures consistent quality both with regard to dimensional accuracy and the structure of the entire production run.

The TWISTER twists by up to 72 °
The crankshaft twister, "TWISTER” in brief, is used for twisting the large end bearings/pins of forged crankshafts. Our twister is able to twist all common crankshafts available on the market up to a maximum torque angle of 72°. When twisting 5-stroke shafts with angles of 36/72 degrees, it is important to lag the cylinder requiring the larger torque angle. It is exactly this function that we have integrated into our control system, so that this can be implemented by the path measuring system in the twist cylinders. In addition, a consistent and high quality over the entire lot size results from the lower cycle time spread and cycle time reduction.

The process of twisting is complex: The crankshafts forged with the flash gap are fed to the twister after warm trimming of the flash. The loading of the machine and the unloading of the workpieces from the machine can, of course, be done manually. However, for even higher precision and consistent quality, we recommend automating the loading using a manipulator. The crankshafts must be placed horizontally in the lower mould half or placed on the ejector.

The twisting tool itself consists of fixed lower and upper clamping jaws as well as twistable lower and upper jaws mounted on support rollers. The spacing of the jaws is adjustable, and the jaws are mounted on a lower or upper base plate. The spacing and the number of clamping jaws are set depending on the crankshaft to be twisted.

After the ram stroke is initiated, the crankshaft is clamped in the area not to be twisted by the fixed lower and upper clamping jaws attached to the ram. Subsequent twisting operations now proceed automatically, while the clamping is maintained by keeping the ram at the lower return point.

The twistable jaws in the form of split discs are turned by the front and back twist cylinder fixed onto the ram by an angle of max. 72+5 degrees against an adjustable stopper.  The twist cylinders are mounted on both sides on the ram so as to be movable where they transfer the twist torque to the appropriate jaws. The crank pin clamps inside these twistable jaws and the crankshaft cheeks thereby form a circular arc.

State-of-the-art spray technology for forming

Effective, flexible and economical in consumption: Spraying systems from WKB Systems

Our global customers in the die casting and forging industry benefit from our innovative and customer-specific complete solutions employing state-of-the-art spray technology. Our spray systems guarantee the highest level of flexibility, high overfeed speeds, short switching times and sparing consumption of lubricants.

Our range includes:

  • Nozzles and spray heads
  • Valves
  • Mixing and supply units
  • Manipulators, spray systems with robots
  • Segment spraying technology
  • Optimisations of all kinds.

Nozzles and spray heads with swirl inserts
We offer nozzles and spray heads particularly suited for use with forming where dirt and heat is involved. We recommend fitting the nozzles and spray heads with swirl inserts. This results in the aerosol being distributed more evenly in the spray head.

Spray and squirt valves for airless or airmix systems and more
Our spray and squirt valves are high and low pressure valves that are particularly well suited for airless or airmix systems. The valves have compressed air atomisers. Because of this, they can be used either individually or in blocks. The valves specially developed by WKB Systems are suitable for spraying and squirting high and low viscosity lubricants, coolants, and cold and hot release agents.

Comprehensively equipped mixing and supply units
Our mixing and supply units are ideal for water- or solvent-based spray media. Depending on their design they can offer a capacity of between 50 and 2,000 litres.

All WKB Systems mixing and supply units are fully equipped with compressed air controls, agitators, feed pumps, level monitors, high pressure filters and suction sieves.

If desired, we can also expand our mixing and supply units even further. The units can be upgraded with automatic refilling equipment, heating, static or dynamic mixers, and flow and dosing controls. Tell us what you want and we can tailor these units for your needs.

Spray manipulators for more precision and safety in the forge
We have developed our spray manipulators specifically for use in the harsh environment of the metal forge. The WKB Systems spray manipulators are characterised by their high traverse speeds, exact positioning, safe and reliable operation readiness and easy handling.

Segment spray technology for the highest accuracy and more flexibility
The frequent and laborious changing of spray plates or heads in the case of die changes is a thing of the past thanks to our latest segment spray technology: Segment spraying technology is used in massive forming for the spraying of tools with release agents. During the forming process, targeted and precise spraying is expected as a given. The recipe management and programming of different spray profiles for the reproducibility of spray patterns ensures the highest degree of accuracy and flexibility. Once a spray pattern is saved, it can be recalled at any time on the control panel and, if necessary, changed.

What is the perfect spraying system for you and your company? Talk to our team of experts and explain your wishes and ideas. Together we can develop an ideal solution for your production process. Your personal contact shall always be at your side.