Material warming

Extraction, feeding, loading - we have the right automation solution for every area

Our automation solutions for material warming are tailored precisely to the specific processes in this production area:

Warming extraction device for gripping the hottest blanks
The warming extraction device developed by us extracts blanks heated up to 1300 °C coming continuously out of the induction coil. In the next step, the device cyclically forwards the glowing blanks for subsequent forging operations.

The blanks are pushed out of the induction heater and detected by the system. Pneumatically operated tongs grip the blanks, extract them from the kiln opening and place them on the delivery chute of the slide channel. Meanwhile, an optical sensor measures the blank temperature and controls the position of the separation points of the channel ("good", "too cold" or "too hot"). Any adhesion of the blanks can be detected automatically by our system. All the mechanics are of course electrically and thermally insulated.

For large material cross-sections and loads (maximum 300 kg) we developed a special heavy-duty warming extraction device.

The cooling conveyor belt helps to optimise the mechanical properties
Anyone wishing to subject the hot forged items to controlled cooling after deformation to improve their mechanical properties will not be able to do so without automating the feeding process. The cooling conveyor is an indispensable transport unit for which we recommend the use of plate conveyors, special conveyors or monorail systems. In our discussions with you we advise and decide upon which transport unit would be best for your operations.

Rotary kiln loading for more effective production
Our customers save on time and manpower using the WKB Systems rotary kiln loader, which ensures a quicker, more precise and continuous loading and unloading of the rotary kilns. Our rotary kiln loader consists of two-axle manipulators installed centrally in front of the rotary kiln windows. It is equipped with hydraulic, water-cooled grippers as well as servo motors.