Forge automation

Success in the forging industry using process automation from WKB Systems

Process automation from WKB Systems can provide you with the key to success: it can allow you to increase product quality, produce more units, all of which will ultimately increase your profitability. By automating certain areas of your operation the quality product you produce can be improved and made even more uniform. Waste and the production of rejects can then be avoided. Your production volume can be significantly increased while at the same time relieving your staff of heavy physical work so that they can be deployed more effectively in other production areas.

We specialise in automating processes for the forging industry. For decades we have been pioneers in this field with our innovative and high-tech systems. Customers the world over now trust our know-how, the experience of our experts in the field of robot-controlled automation, and our individual and tailor-made system solutions.

Would you like to optimise the profitability of your forging operation, but don’t know how to go about it? Then leave it to us to optimise and automate your business processes. Our customised and innovative high quality solutions will ensure that you are put on the road to success. Talk to our team of experts directly. Together we can develop an ideal solution for your needs: Whether it be a simple process upgrade, or a completely new system. Our intelligent and cost-effective add-ons, provided with specific and complex application software, are entirely compatible with robots from all the leading manufacturers.

Our focus is on process automation, where we also provide accessory parts for the following areas:

In addition to the automation of industrial processes, the visualisations of machinery and systems number among our other core competencies.

A close cooperation with our customers remains our top priority. Since we supply you with special rather than standard solutions that can be tailored just for you, cooperation with you in a teamwork environment is particularly important. We accompany you from the first technical consultation, factory planning and process optimisation through the construction, professional production and assembly, programming and integration right up to the commissioning, the start-up for production, and ultimately to the handover. As your partner, we shall always of course remain at your side by providing an after-sales service team, even after commissioning has been completed.

Do you still have any questions? Then don't hesitate to contact us. Benefit from our tried-and-tested, cutting-edge technology as well as the extensive experience our team has accumulated. Our automation has proven highly convincing with the quality and performance it offers, as has our promise to implement all your ideas down to the very finest details. Together we can evolve the perfect solution and an ideal system for your business.