Grate cleaning machine

The use of our grate cleaning machine prevents the green bricks and hardened bricks from being scratched or damaged. In order to clean the grates of any caking, we have developed a special grate cleaning machine:

For cleaning, the grate is driven with a carriage feeder underneath the unit. After the grate is fixed, two rotating plates driven in parallel by a frequency converter are rotated and lowered pneumatically and electrically under the control of a photoelectric sensor. In the WKB cleaning control system, the speed can be regulated using a potentiometer. The rotary plates are fitted with cleaning blades (roughing or finishing blades).

Another light barrier controls whether a third rotary plate is lowered and activated. Here, too, the speed can be set variably. As soon as the grate leaves its cleaning position, the corresponding rotary plate is lifted. The grate is then fed back into the production area.