Autoclave carriage circulation

The ready-stacked autoclave carriages are transferred gradually into the autoclave using friction wheel drives and a traverser. Once the autoclave is completely filled, the cover is closed and the autoclave run is started. At the end of the run the cover opens and the traverser pulls the entire train of autoclave carriages from the boiler onto the opposing stringing track. From here, the carriages with the autoclaved blocks are now gradually driven to the unloading track. There they are unstacked using the portal "unload" system. Once the carriage is completely empty, it is placed by the portal system onto the loading track where it is restacked by the portal "loading" system.

Alternatively, WKB Systems can offer you the use of a traverser for empty carriage instead of a portal systems. This implements the transfer of the empty carriages from the unloading to the loading tracks and in this way relieves the gripper of the portal system "unloading".