Ahead of the competition

Individual modernisation concepts

Do you want to optimise your AAC production and get yourself clearly ahead of the competition?

Our individual and innovative WKB Systems optimisation and modernisation concepts are not only designed cost effectively, but also pay to use in practice. Often even small changes are sufficient to achieve a significant increase in productivity and product quality. In addition, the improved economic output resulting from a modernisation with our practice-proven equipment is already clearly noticeable after just a short period of usage.   

In the run-up to a process optimisation or plant modernisation, our experts test and precisely analyse the following areas of your autoclaved aerated concrete production:

Raw material processing and mixing
Cutting line
Green cake separation
Autoclaving carriage circulation
Steam generating system
Packing line

These tests and analysis results form the basis for our optimisation recommendations. This allows our clients to have a precise overview of the status of their equipment and production facilities. On the basis of our recommendations, we then develop a modernisation concept tailored to your desires and needs. WKB Systems offers modular system components for all the most common production processes. This enables us to replace even individual machine components quickly and effectively.

We developed the compact cutting line WKB CL4 specifically for the purpose of modernising of AAC plants. This features cutting-edge technology and occupies a very small footprint. In this way it can be integrated into almost any autoclaved aerated concrete plant.

The use of the proven WKB Systems technology ensures improved plant efficiency. Within the shortest possible time, our customers benefit from a significant increase in quality of the end products as well as a continuous expansion of their product range.

Do you want to take a further step towards the future and position yourself ahead of the competition? Then give us a call so that we can help you build up a competitive edge!