Customer Service

The WKB Systems dial-up remote maintenance

Our WKB systems specialists support your staff on-site or by dial-up remote maintenance, thus allowing us to achieve a significantly improved presence for your needs. Our technical experts are available for you worldwide and can offer support with everything from "first aid" solutions to complex technical problems.

Our remote maintenance system is connected via a high-speed data connection to our service centre regardless of whether it is initiated from an internally or externally administered PC network. This allows us to quickly identify errors and problems and respond efficiently to your concerns. The remote maintenance can be based on either DSL or ISDN connections as well as connections via LTE, UMTS connections or telephone modems.

If no separate connection is possible, our team can support you at any time via the classical means of telephone or e-mail.

We document all the services that we carry out for you. In this way each step is traceable and the error history of your system is maintained comprehensively.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Competent support worldwide and at any time
  • Rapid and efficient help
  • Avoidance of downtime costs
  • A stable and economical production

Are you not yet connected with our service centre or do you have any other questions? Contact us and together we can find the best solution.