Reinforced AAC elements

We want you to succeed. Because your success is also ours. We support our business partners and AAC producers and make you more competitive in your target markets. With WKB Systems you have, for example, the ability to add reinforced AAC elements to your product portfolio. In this way you can offer your customers a variety of products so that new markets can be conquered.

The reinforcement essentially consists of a number of welded steel wires, which, depending on their intended use, can be arranged or bent into mats or frames and assembled by spot welding.

The autoclaved aerated concrete itself does not provide the steel with sufficient protection against corrosion. For this reason, corrosion protection is first applied to the mat or frame in a dipping bath.

The reinforcing mats or frames are fixed and adjusted in the mould with special brackets and then covered with the aerated concrete mixture. Our machines detect their precise location in the cake. This is important, because the cake needs to be cut to size precisely in the cutting line.

Standard reinforced elements include wall, roofing and ceiling panels, which are usually 625mm wide and 6000 mm long. Their strength depends on their intended use as well as the expected load. Depending on requirements, board sizes can also be individually adjusted.

We also recommend the use of dry cutting saws for exact length adjustments and special cuts.

Through the additional fitting of an AAC plant with a WKB Systems machine for reinforced elements, you can expand your portfolio to wall, roof and ceiling elements as well as pillars. In addition to the enhanced flexibility of your plant, this also offers you the option of opening up completely new markets.