Quality control systems

Quality is what survives: WKB Systems weighing systems and contour control ensure that quality guidelines are complied with

The demands placed on product quality are constantly increasing. Only a one hundred percent product control can meet such high quality requirements.

Our quality control systems are specially developed for use in forging plants: They are protected against the high temperatures encountered in a forge, as well as ground vibrations and other external influences. Thanks to our special design they can even be used in the immediate vicinity of the hammer or press line. 

The WKB Systems weighing systems can be operated in working cycles or continuously. The results of the quality control are immediately evaluated and forwarded to the peripheral devices (such as the forging hammer, or the discharging points etc.). Over the entire length of the conveyor, the production data is recorded by the system, stored and forwarded to a higher-level data management system. This ensures traceability for every single product and production step.

Compliance with the highest quality standards is assured by our automated contour control, which measures forged components such as outer rings, rotor carriers, ring gears or crown wheels. After the items have been checked for visible faults and released, they are then placed on the transfer point of the system. From there, the transfer system (with two gripper stations) extracts the forged items and positions them on the depositing fingers of the 3D measuring device. All parts are then rotated 360° and measured using a camera system. Our contour control is equipped with a total of four 3D sensors that are all used at the same time. All the required measurements are therefore taken in just one run to save time. The measurement results are then visualised on the system, while a digital signal indicates the status of the test specimen (in order, or not in order).