Material transport

Transport using a toothed chain and a chain rotating system

The chain rotating system is used to transport the forged components between both forging units. It forms an ideal connection between two presses, or a hammer and a press.

The toothed chain is robustly designed for use in forging. Such a high-speed conveyor is particularly well suited for transporting the warmed blanks to the press or the hammer.

Loading robot for more flexibility and higher quantities
Loading robots and manipulators allow large degrees of flexibility, speed and precision. Depending on their design, the number of axles, and their tooling, they can for instance be used as loading and transfer robots or as forging robots at the hammer or the press. They are also ideally suited as die greasing robots. Often they are also used as unloading, testing and sorting robots.

Shuttle systems as a transport alternative
Another alternative for transporting forged components is a shuttle system. This consists of a longitudinal girder to which a solidified rail is screwed, and a shuttle carriage. The shuttle is driven by a servo motor, which transfers the power to the shuttle via a toothed chain. The motor is controlled by a servo drive. The distance travelled is controlled using an encoder into which precise values can be entered, so that each halting position can be approached with precision.

Bumpers and safety switches serve to restrict the path that is travelled. In normal operation, the shuttle travels from the main press to the next operation. Unloading of the forged items is carried out using handling manipulators.

Forging press area automation