Material cutting

WKB Systems tong feeder systems for more dynamics and precision

Our state-of-the-art WKB Systems tong feeding systems with upstream bar magazines can be used with traditional, hydraulic or mechanical cold tongs. Since the demands made on feed dynamics and precision when using pulsed tongs are very high, our tong feeding systems are particularly well suited here.

Depending on your needs, we can equip the bar magazines with one or more troughs. They each have their own feed and bar transfer system. A prism roller conveyor is used to transfer the bars to the feeder via diameter check and weighing stations, which are equipped with two servo-motorized and alternately working gripper units. The tong feeder feeds the bar material continuously into the tong opening.

Our loading system has a cycle time of 2.0 seconds. It is suitable for bars with a round profile of 20 - 100 mm diameter and a length of up to 9,000 mm.