The team of experts from WKB Systems worked out an individual tailor-made concept for an AAC plant modernisation for one of the well-known German manufacturers of AAC products. Based on the proven solutions the existing AAC plant was equipped in the shortest time with innovative and high-capacity machinery of WKB Systems.  

Among of the challenges for this modernisation process were an increase in the production capacity alongside with recipe changes, a significant reduction of energy costs, and automation of the production process as well as improvement of the product quality through the application of up-to-dated technology of WKB Systems. At the same time the biggest challenge was to carry out the project on a very tight schedule.   

While developing the modernisation concept the specialists of WKB Systems hat to take into account individual requirements of the customer concerning the production output and product surface in respect of production recipe changes. They also paid attention to the sensitivity of the end product as the packing line concept was analysed. Another crucial point was the utilised capacity of autoclaves that must be also improved in order to minimise the energy costs of the plant. 

Modernised AAC factory

Our solution: The tailor-made modernisation concept with up-to-date technology 

This modernisation concept comprises i.a. the following stages:

  • The loading of two AAC cakes one upon another on a hardening carriage.
  • The installation of a newly developed cutting line WKB CL5 for precise cutting of AAC blocks and panels of 50 mm to 500 mm thickness.
  • The application of an innovative Green Cake Separating Machine (GSM) that was designed for an AAC cake of 6,000 x 1,200 x 500/600 mm.
  • The expansion of the existing packing line with cranes, a shuttle system and a grate unloading robot.

The decision of WKB experts to put two AAC cakes one upon another with a tilting table improves the plant capacity by 60% compared to the usage of the previous production technology. Another advantage of this solution is a significant reduction in energy and operating costs thanks to the improved usage of autoclaves.   

The cutting line WKB CL5 is of state-of-the-art technology and implements vertical, horizontal and cross cutting of an AAC cake as well as milling of pockets and insertion of tongues and grooves. The precise cutting of AAC blocks of various sizes and shapes is ensured.   

In order to avoid sticking of AAC blocks during the autoclaving process WKB engineers advised to use the Green Cake Separating Machine (GSM). Thanks to this application the production wastes are considerably reduced. Another advantage is a significant improvement in the product quality and production output.   

According to the modernisation concept some unloading cranes and robots are used in the grate unloading/packing area. It improves the resources efficiency as well as the plant productivity.

Through modernisation of the AAC plant carried out by the specialists of WKB Systems the manufacturer receives the AAC production equipped with up-to-dated technology, improved product quality, increased production capacity and reduced operating costs.
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