Material removal

Removal, conveying, depositing - tailor-made automation solutions for removal

Removal robot
The removal robot extracts the hot blanks that come out of the induction coil. The glowing forged items are detected by the system and extracted from the kiln with pneumatically operated tongs. After the hot items are laid down, they are then forwarded to the next processing station.

The system automatically detects any items that are stuck together so that they can then be immediately fixed.

This results in more effective production, allows higher volume production and avoids the production of waste.

Cooling conveyor to improve mechanical properties
The cooling conveyor is suitable for all plants in which a controlled cooling process is necessary due to the use and material properties of the workpieces. We recommend plate conveyors, special conveyors or hanging rail systems as transport units for cooling the warm parts. Each of our transport systems is precisely tailored to the product being cooled and its properties. The systems are each programmed so that the transport speed and the residence time can be precisely controlled. Even an adjustable air flow can be fitted if desired.

(Tandem) soft racks for more security and control
A reliable and safe transport of the hot forged items to the containers can be ensured using our soft racks. They consist of a vibrating conveyor and a swivel unit upon which the transport container is moved.

Standard programming includes regular level checking of the container contents, inspection of the workpieces during the container change, and automatic refilling of the container. For a perfectly coordinated procedure, the integration of a soft rack in the overall system control is common. Single operation is also possible.

In contrast to the single soft rack, with the   tandem soft rack   the workpieces are diverted by pneumatically driven points. This ensures an even more uniform loading of the transport crates. When the crates are changed, the workpieces are jammed together using a pneumatically driven articulated rake. With pairwise forging of workpieces such as connecting rods, the tandem soft rack allows for both of the workpieces to be conveyed into a crate.

Conveyor for removing items weighing up to 250 kg
The WKB Systems heavy-duty and multi-chain conveyors can remove parts weighing up to approx. 250 kg. The WKB Systems Z-conveyor, also referred to as  a swan neck conveyer, can be used in many ways. This is suitable for removing the forged items and is used to transport the forged products, scrap or trimmed waste away from the press The trimmed waste and scrap disposal unit operates as a compact unit that acts as a link between the forging and the flash trimming press. A direct weighing of the products during removal is included in all our systems.

Also here, the conveyors are programmed so that the transport speed can be controlled individually. This allows better regulation and process control. An adjustable air flow can also be programmed.